About Us

We are a team of scientists and technologists with a mission to develop ways older adults can strengthen their connections to friends, family, caregivers, and their community through the use of friendly technology.

Kavitha Gnanasambandan, PhD.
Chief Commercial Officer

Kavitha is an avid New Yorker passionate about healthy aging for all, no matter their circumstances. She is a biomedical cancer scientist-turned commercial strategy leader with digital health experience. She volunteered with the NYC Department of Aging before co-founding Blooming Health to support CBOs serving older adults. 

Naman Gupta
Chief Product Officer

Naman is a digital transformation veteran who has worked on dozens of initiatives with enterprise organizations building industry-leading platforms. He is passionate about solving the broken health-care system and has spent the past four years working with companies large and small to develop innovative health-focused solutions. Naman is a native New Yorker, who likes to spend his free time wood-working and playing with his new-born son.

Nima Roohi, PhD.
Chief Executive Officer

Nima comes from a background in AI and Data Science. He started a business before and has led several key operations in different industries including healthcare. Having first hand experience as a caregiver and understanding the challenges older adults and their families face inspired Nima to start Blooming Health.
In his free time, Nima enjoys running, doing Yoga, reading non-fiction books, and of course good food.

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