Product Features

A solution designed for the senior-care ecosystem

One-Click Broadcasts

Send instant broadcasts to your population in SMS, voice and email, in the member’s preferred language through auto-translation!

Wellness Check-ins

Checking-in with older adults periodically on their health-related social needs e.g. social contact, food security, transportation needs etc.

Interest-based Program Reminders

Automated programs & activities from your event calendar right to older adults based on their personal interests

Remote Gamified Engagement

Creating remote games like Trivia to promote social programs and health education, incentivized with prizes

Self-Service Web Application

A full service web application where you can manage your Members, Program calendar, send broadcasts, surveys and much more!

Data & Insights Dashboard

Delivering data-driven intelligence to caregivers to provide the right social support to older adults at the right time

We have partnered with HIPAA Secure NOW to achieve HIPAA Compliance