Blooming Health

Our solution for addressing social isolation and loneliness in older adults is delivered via cell-phone based, automated text messaging and voice calling services to enable broad access to older adults.

Our Services

Remote Social Monitoring

Checking-in with older adults periodically on their health-related social needs e.g. social contact, food security, transportation needs etc.

Personalized Program Recommendations

Suggesting programs & activities to older adults based on personal interests and preferences

Purposeful-driven Companionship

Powering purpose-driven companionship for older adults by matching them to cross-generational partners to engage in meaningful projects

Data & Insights

Delivering data-driven intelligence to caregivers to provide the right social support to older adults at the right time

Watch our Webinar on the Future of Social Services for Older Adults with Industry Experts

About us

We are a team of scientists and technologists with a mission to develop ways older adults can strengthen their connections to friends, family, caregivers, and their community through the use of friendly technology.

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